A Morning Filled with Four Hundred Billion Suns

The First Mission
Session 2

The pilot Captain Reynolds arrived just in time to ferry our heroes to the space station that Firewall wanted them to investigate. As they cautiously explored the station the group found no evidence of the exsurgent virus. They did however find a video feed of the crew being gunned down by their own security drones and a figure of a man walking through the carnage. Delta was able to find the Promethean program and copy it, but as of now he is unable to decode it. There were still two hostiles in the engine bay of the station and they overloaded the engine. Our heroes barely escaped the explosion. However they are drifting in space as the explosion knocked out the engines on the Serene Falcon.

Firewall Beckons Part 1
Session 1

Pan, Delta, and Ivan arrived at the Erato on Luna. After extensive security checks, they were greeted by a man named Jery. He escorted the three travelers through Erato’s famous garden. They garden is an enclosed cavern where a pocket of atmosphere makes the diverse plant life possible. The garden was full of mostly Asian plants and animals. Jery escorted the group through the skyways to an office building where his employer Karan S’Jet was waiting. Karan is a Firewall agent. She has reached out to the three to recruit them into the Firewall fold. She informed them that they were chosen because of their skill sets might prove valuable. The group’s first mission is to investigate a nearby space station that has not responded to contacts in a few days. The group accepted the mission and joined Firewall with the knowledge that they are free to pass up missions at the cost of a hit to their reputation and may be expelled from the organisation if they do so too often.

After some preliminary research the group found out that the station is near Earth and sends out drones to collect samples from Earth. These samples are probably for terraforming efforts to reclaim the planet Earth. Delta was also given a message, he shared with the group, that there was a program to be retrieved if possible, in the computer banks named ‘Promethean.’

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