Humanity has ventured out as far as Eris, beyond Pluto. Rogue AIs named TITANs attacked humanity on Earth. The ones who could flee, fled, leaving behind billions of people to be slaughtered by nanoswarms, biological and chemical agents, and perpetual nuclear winter. That was 10 years ago. Transhumanity works on surviving now. The TITANs have disappeared. No one knows what happened to them. Many believe they left the Solar System through ‘Pandora Gates’ that have been recently discovered; most people also speculate that the TITANs built the gates. They are the only viable way of interstellar travel, but they are incredibly dangerous. Unless you know how to program the gates correctly you could end up in the middle of space light years from anything or worse, you could be taken to the corona of a star, and even then there are sometimes glitches in the system.

Will you bring salvation to transhumanity? Destruction? Or will you just not give a damn?

A Morning Filled with Four Hundred Billion Suns

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